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Bad breath is also known as halitosis, malodour, fetor oris, skunk breath, dog’s breath. Approximately 30% of the population have bad breath and 70% of the population notice it on other people! Contrary to popular opinion, the majority of cases of bad breath begins in the mouth and not in the stomach. Around 80% of bad breath is caused by gases given off by the dead bacteria involved in gum disease.


Causes of bad breath in the mouth.


• Poor oral hygiene


• Gingivitis / periodontitis


• Ill fitting crowns, bridgework that cannot be cleaned


• Cracked / leaking and overhanging fillings


• Poorly cleaned dentures


Therefore there is a lot we as dentists can do to help you, should you have bad breath. Other causes can include dehydration, fasting or too long between meals, too much coffee and alcohol, smoking, regular snoring or mouth breathing if this is regular, upper respiratory tract infections ( excess mucous). At ciao paolo we have set up a fresh breath service to help people who suffer from bad breath.


Our 3 step treatment plan


1. Identify that you are a sufferer/ harbourer of bad breath


2. We will examine your mouth using a range of tools and compile a medical, dental and social profile in order to diagnose the the cause of your bad breath.


3. We will provide you with a diagnosis,having reviewed visual, x rays and diagnostic results. We will provide you with a treatment plan to obtain fresh breath.


British Dental Association recommendations to keep bad breath away include:


• Visit a dentist regularly


• Improve your oral hygiene - brush teeth and gums properly, floss daily


• Take care of your diet - eat nutritious food including 5 fruit and vegetables a day, drink plenty of water, chew sugar free gum, avoid sweet things between meals.


Tests you can perform on yourself to see if you are a harbourer of halitosis include:


Lick wrist from as far back on the tongue as possible. Leave the saliva for 30 seconds and then smell. Floss between the back 2 teeth leave for a few seconds then sniff.


If you detect an unusual smell and if you are worried that you have a problem with your breath, then please give us a call on 0141 334 2550. Every patient is dealt with in complete confidence.











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