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Making the right decisions


When reflecting on the decisions you've made, look out for the following steps to help you clarify whether they're right.


1. Feeling it

You should feel emotionally lighter once you've made your decision, freeing up more space to think and breathe, like a weight's been lifted.


2. Seeing it

You'll be able to visualise a much clearer path ahead. For example, if you've decided to leave a job you'll be able to 'see' your future career route with more clarity.


3. Hearing it

Once you've made your decision that's when the oral feedback starts to come in. Whether it's confirmation from a friend that a situation at work or in a personal relationship wasn't right for you or compliments on your brave new career move, validation will flood in.


4. Knowing it

This is when the logic kicks in and your left and right brain align.You've gone with your hunch, weighed up the evidence, made a list of pros and cons and finally made sense of it. This is the final stage of the process, when you just 'know' you've made the right decision


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