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At Ciao paolo, Paul and the team are committed to providing affordable dentistry and the highest levels of patient care at all times. We understand our patients want to safeguard their health so we have developed bespoke preventative plans to promote dental and general health to help your smile stay fresher, brighter and healthier.



Why join our membership plan?


1. Helps you achieve and maintain improved oral and general health through regular dental health checks and hygiene maintenance programmes.

2. Better range of treatment options including teeth whitening, implants, tooth coloured fillings, inlays and crowns.

3. Plan members can enjoy priority appointments, rewards and offers.

4. We accept members regardless of their current dental health. You will not be asked to undertake restorative treatment programmes prior to acceptance in our plan.

5. Provide affordable accident and emergency insurance to give complete peace of mind.

6. Plan membership assures continuing care with the same dentist.

7. Ciao paolo's membership plans are affordable at as little as 49p per day.



Membership Fees


Membership plans from £15 per month, hygiene plan from £8.40 per month.



Ciao Paolo membership Plan A


• 2 full mouth oral health examinations - inspection of hard and soft tissues, including cancer check.


• 2 hygiene visits for plaque control and disease prevention to ensure you have the skills to keep gums healthy between visits.


• All in-practice diagnostic x-rays to assess integrity of restorations, support structures and tooth health.


• 10% discount on fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures.


• Comprehensive dental accident and emergency insurance cover up to £10,000 per incident (terms and conditions apply).


• Application of desensitising agents to control sensitivity.


• Family members receive a £1 per month discount when they join the membership plan.


• Out of hours emergency cover.


• Treatment planning for future needs.


• 12 month guarantee on recommended restorative work.



Ciao paolo Membership Plan B


Benefits same as plan A EXCEPT you enjoy 4 hygiene visits.



Ciao Paolo Hygiene Plan


• Hygiene plans from £8.40 per month.


• Stay healthy,save money and spread the cost of payments as well as enjoying 10% discount on private treatment.


• Enjoy 2 or 4 hygiene visits with hygiene plan A or hygiene plan B.



How can I join the Plan?


All you have to do is complete the registration form and Direct Debit mandate to become a member. If you have questions about either of our plans our practice manager will be happy to discuss and provide further information and guidance. Please see our membership plan leaflet for more information PDF below.


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