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How would you like to have more energy, feel less fatigued, have better skin / hair / nails, sustainably lose weight, relieve constipation, feel more alert, help joint pain and inflammatory conditions, significantly reduce your risk for adult onset diabetes and cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) or to help improve these conditions? Do any of these appeal?


Good nutrition will do all of the above. Not diets / not starving yourself. Our typical 'western diet' has a number of problems listed below, my solutions follow on.


Problem A

Sugars (carbohydrates) in bread, pasta, cakes, sugary drinks, sugared tea / coffee, beer, milk chocolates. These cause temporary 'sugar highs' which quickly recede leaving the individual in a cycle of fatigue and sugar craving. This pattern over a long period of time significantly increases your risk of developing adult onset diabetes and obesity.


Solution A

You need 'slow release' carbohydrates which will release slowly without you feeling hungry quickly. You should avoid all of the sugars listed above in problem A for a trial period to see how much better you feel. It is thought that the body takes about 3 weeks to adjust to these changes so patience is required as well as will power. If you are feeling anxious or strung out then you may wish to use our CD support package to help you deal with these feelings. These CD's are available free of charge. These quick release sugars are out. Instead you should focus on slow release sugars. The best way to start is by changing your breakfast regime. 3 options are recommended.



Need to buy smoothie maker - low cost available in Argos. Fill with 1/3 water, add bananas, green leaf vegetable eg spinach/cabbage leaf, apples, mango or berries, whizz. Have this as breakfast. I can show you how to make these, just ask. I also have a huge range of recipes for these, just ask. Advantages - delicious / nutritious / full of fibre for digestion and improved transit times / slow release / full of vitamin C and antioxidants and satisfies the recommended ' 5 a day ' fruit and vegetable recommendation. Smoothies are somewhat erosive for dental enamel.  We recommend that you brush your teeth BEFORE drinking your smoothie and rinsing or swish out thoroughly with water AFTER the smoothie is finished.



A traditional Scottish breakfast, and one of the best! Slow release and full of fibre. Add soy milk, mixed dried fruits and nuts or even banana.



Eg Muesli, weetabix and ready break. With soy milk and dried fruits / nuts. Milk slows the quick absorption of these high energy foods. Mid morning snacks smoothie, fruit, dried fruits and nuts, natural yoghurt, herbal teas.


Problem B.

Too much fried food / meat / alcohol


Solution B


Problem C

Not enough fruit and veg - recommended ‘5 a day’. Over 2/3 of the population do not eat their 5 a day!


Solution C

Start your day with a smoothie, snack on fruit, eat more tomatoes / spinach. grow your own-www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening  Make your own vegetable soups. Avoid e-numbers and processed foods.


Problem D

Too much caffeine, tea / coffee especially with sugar. The caffeine acts alongside the quick release sugar highs and is very addictive. Caffeine stimulates the same receptors as cigarette nicotine - so a habit co exists between coffee and cigarettes. Too much caffeine can leave you feeling anxious and exhausted.


Solution D

Herbal teas / plenty of water. Mint tea is good for ‘nervous acidic’ stomachs.


Problem E

Not enough sunlight. Scotland has low UV levels. This can cause seasonal affective disorders/winter depression. Low UV levels also affect the production of vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones/ joints / gums. We also have the highest incidence of multiple sclerosis in the world. Current research is directed at the effects of low UV levels experienced in parts of Scotland.


Solution E

Get out more, especially in winter! if finances allow take a winter holiday to the sun. This is especially important for growing children living in our environment. Diets high in oily fish can help vitamin D production but adequate sunlight is important. Proper UV skin protection is advised. Ask for and you will receive the support of your family friends and loved ones. See also our section on “life coach-making the right decision’ and our section on “taking action.”










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